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History of Country Butchers

In 1940, George Creese started a livestock farm in Gloucestershire, where they cared for 250 Hereford Cross and Angus Cattle.

As the farm was passed down the generations, the Creese sons learned the impressive skill of butchery, and following how popular this had been, opened up their butchery in Staunton Cross, serving the local community for nearly two decades before the relocation to their current premises where Country Butchers remains today.

Country Butchers built up a strong name for themselves within Gloucestershire, where their reputation called for them across the midlands and south. Known for their high quality, local sourcing, and passion for their community, they are one of the larger names in wholesale butchery, and deservedly so.

Present Day

Their links to local Gloucestershire farmers remain strong as ever, and they proudly supply the region’s finest locations. Their dedication and commitment are evident in the array of standards they hold –  SALSA (Safe and Local Suppliers Accreditation), alongside supplying Red Tractor, organic, and Free-Range products.

Their carcass fridge is truly a sight to behold, and would excite any chef! All the hanging meat in their carcass fridge is locally sourced, with a strong majority originating from their neighbouring cattle farm Tweenhills Farm. Country Butchers still butcher their carcass themselves, ensuring only the highest quality cuts for their clients. A skill that is so valuable in the industry today.


We’re proud to work with another company that is so innately passionate about providing not only the best service but also caring for the integrity of their product whilst still supporting their local community every step of the way.

We will never stop shouting about our fantastic supply partners!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us today via or check out Country Butcher’s website here!

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