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Spring is here! Even if the persistent rain says otherwise…

There is no doubt about the trials that the agriculture industry is facing right now due to the weather. From rotting crops in the ground due to the inability to access the fields, to the increase of indoor feed costs as lambs are being kept indoors longer as the field is too wet. Our farmers are having to work over and above to get us the food we need.

On the slightly brighter side, as the days get longer, this also means it’s nearly time for some chef favourites to start appearing in the depots… Keep an eye out!


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April Market Information

You will be aware, that the persistent wet weather has been detrimental to our farmers and production, making any groundwork nearly impossible. This has affected every farmer, but in particular we’re still seeing issues with potatoes, parsnips, carrots, winter and spring cabbage, and cauliflower. The inability to plant has disrupted the usual agricultural cycle, leading to a shortage of these items. As a consequence, the price of parsnips has already doubled compared to seasonal norms, with the potential for further increases.

The situation in the UK is dire, as the ongoing rain delays planting not only for immediate crops but also for follow-on crops. This delay will have a cascading effect on spring crops, including salads and vegetables. The longer the rain persists, the more severe the situation will become. We may need to rely more heavily on importing produce from EU, which could lead to increased prices and supply chain disruptions. However, our farmers are nothing if not determined, eagerly awaiting a break in the weather to kickstart the season. We’re hopeful that a dry spell will soon grace us, allowing us to salvage what we can of this planting season.

Currently, many EU crops are in their final cycle and are expected to conclude by late April or early May. As a result, there will be a challenging transition period until crops reach sufficient volume. The upcoming months are anticipated to be difficult in terms of supply, with high prices and potential quality issues for certain produce. This is easily worsened if a crop on either end is unexpectedly delayed or cut short. Which has sadly been the case for tomatoes, due to a disease that is affecting especially plum, vine, and beef tomatoes. This is causing a hybrid supply situation between Holland, Spain and Morrocco with fluctuating prices. However, when the Isle of Wight tomatoes kick into full gear, this should ease some pressure.

In addition to crop concerns, the adverse weather conditions have also impacted livestock farming, particularly during lambing. Excessive rain has rendered fields unsuitable for grazing, forcing farmers to incur additional costs on indoor feed. This additional expense adds pressure to sheep farmers already facing challenges in the current market environment.

The agricultural sector is facing significant challenges and farmers and producers must navigate these difficulties to ensure the continued availability of essential produce items and livestock products in the market.

Seasonality Information

Now onto the fun bit…!


The star of the show this month is unequivocably Wild Garlic. Our foragers have been hard at work the last month to collect as much of the spring product as possible for our chefs. Foragers are very protective over their areas and will keep to secrecy as much as possible to ensure their bounty is still there when they return! We don’t need to tell you how to use this product, as you know, it elevates any dish with its bold smell and delicate flavour.

Mid-April is one for your calendars, as we welcome not one, but two, culinary favourites into our depots…

UK Asparagus is en route to your kitchens, starting mid-month. With some product already coming from some farms such as Wye Valley and New Forest Fruits, the majority will come into play in just a few short weeks. English starting slightly before Scottish, however both just as tasty!

Joining the asparagus will be the infamous Jersey Royals! Hailing exclusively from Jersey, where the micro-climate produces the perfect conditions for the product to grow, the Jersey Royal is steeped in tradition and care.  The light and well-drained Jersey soil, alongside a traditional method of fertilisation using seaweed (locally known as vraic) that is harvested from the beaches, work together to produce this small Jersey Royal shaped nugget of joy for us to savour!


We’ve said farewell to Indoor-Forced Rhubarb but we are soon to say hello to their outdoor cousin, Rhubarb season is not over yet!

Towards the end of April we will also start the much anticipated, UK strawberry season! Our growers are reporting a strong, steady crop, which is very promising for our Eton mess.


Our butchers are receiving a steady flow of early spring lamb, whilst we head into the main bulk of lambing now. However, as always we have more to offer. Whether it’s Better Chicken Commitment Chicken, to local Hereford beef, our butchers will always have your menu covered.


We are seeing some fantastic Italian Broad Beans flowing into our depots, whose brilliant green colour just screams ‘spring’ on a plate. Also coming from Italy, Fennel is a humble staple during springtime for many chefs and food enthusiasts, don’t miss out!

As we lean on Holland during the transition to UK, we’ve been seeing some vibrant and crisp Rocket leave our depots, which will continue till the end of the month. Similarly, Aubergine will be a strong contender this month also.

Citrus is as consistent as we had hoped over with our EU colleagues, particularly for Oranges and Lemons. Don’t forget about Spanish Nardorcotts, which is a must-have product during this month.

Whilst we wait for the infamous Isle of Wight tomatoes to come into full swing, EU Cherry on the Vine is looking to be the perfect substitute.

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