Our Supply Partners

All of our supply partners understand and practise the core values of the United Fresh Consortium. Generating a commitment from each member company which transcends through the whole business, this benefit becomes apparent through the high service levels that our clients experience. It is important that our supply partner companies have experience of supply to the type of client that the consortium seeks to serve. Each of the supply partner companies has a proven track record of consistently high quality supply standards and operates with a customer base that consists of quality Caterers group and independent Hotels and Restaurants. This ensures that at all times the highest quality and service standards required by our clients are provided as standard and not catered for on a special case basis.

All of our systems in terms of, purchasing, personnel, logistics and customer service are based around this client demographic that we typically serve and this is a key pre-requisite in being a member of the Consortium. All of our supply partners our accredited and their businesses operate within the high standards expected to achieve and maintain this standard.

For more information about BRC accreditation visit www.brc.org.uk