The United Fresh Consortium - Reaching out to you!

The United Fresh Consortium (UFC) was established in 2007 in response to growing demand from both suppliers and customers who found their existing supply chain networks couldn’t realistically fulfil their ambitions.

At the inception of the United Fresh Consortium we set ourselves one challenge, To Establish an Effective Network of the Best Regional Suppliers to Work Together to Supply Prestigious Customers with High Service Standards and Provide Good Value on a National Basis.

Each supply partner has a proven track record of consistent quality supply standards, and a customer base that consists of quality group and independent Hotels and Restaurants. All of their systems, purchasing, personnel and customer service functions are based around this type of customer they typically serve and this is a key pre-requisite in being a member of the Consortium.

Our stringently vetted Supply Partner Network and centralised invoicing system now guarantees your supply of the finest produce, dairy and delicatessen products, on time, every time.

Some of our customers...